2019 NRD Homeowner-Mrs. Gravely

Flossie relaxing in the comfort of her home.

Flossie moved from Chattanooga, TN to Dayton, OH when she was 21. Her family moved to Edgemont because of the friendly neighbors and the block clubs. She has been living in her home for 58 years. Flossie settled into Edgemont neighborhood with her second husband. They were married for 48 years and never had an argument. Flossie believes that the key to a good and happy marriage is good communication. In their free time, they used to sit by the river and talk. Everything that happened to them, they would tell it to the river. They used to attend Mt. Olive Baptist church.

Flossie worked for St. Elizabeth for 17 years. She found a love for cooking and started taking cooking classes at the Dorothy Lane Market. She eventually began cooking in the Westwood neighborhood. When she wasn’t spending her time cooking, she would spend her time sewing and making drape covers. Now retired, Flossie enjoys going to bible study at Mt. Olive Baptist Church and talking to her cousins on the phone.

Flossie feels at home in her home because she has access to her own heating system. She also loves that her house is filled with photos of children that she taught at Sunday school. She loves that she has lived a life influencing the young and knowing that they have influenced her too.

Flossie believes that you can have a life of fulfillment when you listen to your parents and get to know God. Edgemont is not the same neighborhood and things have changed drastically. Her hopes for the community is to bring back the old Edgemont where everyone knows everyone and neighbors take care of each other.

Mrs. Gravely was a homeowner participant in Rebuilding Together Dayton’s 24th Annual National Rebuilding Day.