Safe and Healthy Housing

What Makes a Home “Safe and Healthy?”

We have been in the health and safety business since we first began repairing homes. Indeed, health and safety are the driving objectives behind a large share of our home repairs. But the discovery of widespread health and safety hazards in our clients’ homes has prompted us to increase emphasis on health and safety, as reflected in our decision to make a safe and healthy home for every person its strategic vision.

As part of this strategy, our network and the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) have collaborated on the Healthy Housing Challenge, a joint project to help Rebuilding Together affiliates expand their capacity to correct health and safety hazards in the homes they repair. Built on Rebuilding Together’s time-tested model of volunteer home repairs, this initiative was launched with the vision of providing a safe and healthy home for every person.

The tools and training courses developed for the Healthy Housing Challenge are designed to help us identify health and safety threats and address them as safely and effectively as possible. To focus attention on practical steps to do so, the Seven Principles of Healthy Homes were adopted. These principles, endorsed by the Surgeon General, are put into action by the Healthy Housing Challenge, making health and safety repairs more accessible, actionable, and affordable than ever.

What are the 8 Principles of a Safe and Healthy Home?

  1. Keep it Dry
  2. Keep it Clean
  3. Keep it Pest-Free
  4. Keep it Safe
  5. Keep it Contaminant-Free
  6. Keep it Well Ventilated
  7. Keep it Thermally Controlled
  8. Keep it Maintained

Check out this great video below that has AmeriCorps Capacity Corps Members explaining the Safe & Healthy Principles!