Heat the Town


This program is a partnership with the Dayton Air Conditioning and Heating Association (DACHA). This program focuses on our effort to ensure that our homeowners have a safe and warm home. Each year in September we provide DACHA with a list of eligible homeowners. The members and their companies gave up a day of paid work to provide free furnace checks for our homeowners. Along with these checks, they are able to complete minor repairs, change furnace filters, and install/replace batteries for smoke and CO alarms. It is with their assistance we were able to leverage $25,000 into $38,000 worth of assistance for the 2015 cycle. Once the day of the event is completed, we work to address issues and look to provide assistance to homeowners who have an issue later in the year. We must have a current application and waiver signed for a homeowner to be eligible for the program.

Cycle 2016


The 2016 cycle of Heat the Town started on September 16. We continued our partnership with the Dayton Air Conditioning and Heating Contractors Association to complete 37 furnace checks. The day resulted in finding 4 furnaces that were dangerous and needed replacing and 6 furnaces that needed major repairs to improve their safety and efficiency. Above you can see that many of the homes were focused in our Target Neighborhood for Seasonal Safe@Home. We will continue our work to keep Dayton’s low-income senior homeowners safe and warm this winter thanks to funding from The Vectren Foundation, The PNC Foundation, US Bank Foundation and African American Fund

Heat the Town 2015 Cycle Infographic

Heat The Town 2015 Cycle Infographic pg. 1 block_2 block_3 block_4 block_5

* The large dip in homeowners assisted during the 2014 cycle is due to a difference in funding.

(2014 – $10,000; 2015 –  $36,500)