Mrs. Branhan – My Neighborhood, My Home

Mrs. Branhan, age 83, has lived in her home for over 35 years. She along with to grandsons live in the home in the Westwood neighborhood.

She has lived in Dayton for 65 plus years. Her family originally moved here from Tennessee, where much of her extended family still resides. She is one of 4 children in her family, the only girl. She herself has one daughter and three grandchildren, three great-grandchildren, and 3 great-great-grandchildren. Since the beginning of her time in Dayton she has lived on the west side.

When she decided to buy her home in Westwood it was because the west side was the only place she knew and was convenient to her job at the VA hospital, where she worked in admissions. It was also affordable and, at the time, was convenient to bus routes, schools and grocery stores. Unfortunately now many of those businesses that were conveniently located in the area have since left. She has to rely on Project Mobility and the bus system to get where she needs to go.

Mrs. Branhan is an active volunteer at a local daycare where she enjoys reading and interacting with the children. She enjoys being out of her home and staying active. She enjoyed spending time with her daughter, who recently passed away. They would volunteer together, talk, and enjoy local events. Mrs. Branhan does not want to leave her home.

She feels that “[she] has been in [her] home this long there is no sense in moving.” In her home she can do what she wants and does not have to worry about other people and she has her back yard.