Mrs. Brunson – My Neighborhood, My Home

Mrs. Brunson at the age of 85 has lived in her home for over 50 years. She moved to Dayton after most of her family had moved to town. She has always lived in Westwood. After moving she quickly found a home that she and her husband could rent. It was not long after they started living there that the homeowner across the alley asked if she was interested in buying their home. She and her father worked together on securing the finances to make the down payment.

She has fond memories of the neighborhood when it was full of children and everyone knew each other. This was the neighborhood where she raised her five children. Today, however, that is not the case. Many of the homes have been left vacant or were left to the children of the original homeowners who have decided they no longer want to live in Westwood.

As she has aged and has developed glaucoma in her eyes she relies on her younger brother for help. Even with glaucoma she is in good health and is very appreciative of that fact. She enjoys spending time in her home where she can relax and enjoy the quiet. She loves her home, it is her home and the only home she has known, it makes her feel safe. She agrees with the common saying, “There is no place like home.”