Mrs. Hicks – My Neighborhood, My Home

Mrs. Hicks a resident of Dayton and Westwood for over 75 years has lived in her home since 1957.  They had originally moved into a home in the area that Mr. Hicks had built, but they quickly out grew the small two room home. Her husband enjoyed the look of the house and  its location on the corner of the block. She currently lives in her home with her son.

A Georgia native, she moved to Dayton by way of Louisville, KY following her husband as he looked for work.  Her husband worked for Dayton Steele, NCR, and owned his own filling station. While her main job was to take care of her three children. She would take different jobs during the day while the her children were in school. Her children continue to support and care for her, just as she had done for so many years.

At 96 years old Mrs. Hicks enjoys going to church and gardening in her yard. Her favorite thing to do these days is to sit in her home and enjoy the peace and quite. She chooses to stay in her home because of the amount of work it would take to move and because she knows that, if she were to move, no place would feel like home.