Mrs. Kilgore – My Neighborhood, My Home

Mrs. Kilgore, age 91, is a strong and indepent woman who loves her home. She has lived in Dayton for most of her life, but was born in Georgia. At the age of 40, she decided she wanted a place to call her own. She believed Westwood was a nice neighborhood and bought her house in 1961.

She chose her house because of its proximity to the bus lines. She is an avid bus rider, using it to run errands. She worked for the government and later when the office moved to Washington, DC she worked at Wright Patterson Air Force Base, from where she retired.  Since the time when she moved into the neighborhood most of her neighbors have either passed away or have left their homes. She takes pride in her home and enjoys her yard and works hard to maintain it. She even mows the yards of the neighbors on either side of her to ensure the look of her home.

Her favorite thing about her home is the privacy she can have, and is one of the reasons she has decided to stay in her home. She also knows that moving into a nursing or assisted living home would be difficult financially for her. She believes her home is the best she can afford and feels better when she is at home.