Mrs. Nalls – My Neighborhood, My Home

Mrs. Nalls has owned her home for almost 30 years, but this was the home that she grew up in as a child. Her family moved to Dayton from the south in pursuit of better jobs. They bought the home in 1985 and raised their six children. There were some times when life was hard living in Westwood, but Mrs. Nalls’ mother would tell her, “We are not going to move, let them move. This is our home.”


     Her parents left her the house, she moved in raised her own family, four children. Now her home is a place for her entire family to get together. She loves to have her seven grandchildren and her four great-grandchildren visit.


     As the years have progressed, she has seen more and more homes become vacant and neglected. Recently, though, she has seen an increase in attention to those living in Westwood from local organizations trying to help. She believes that it is those organizations and the neighbors who are working to “reclaim” the neighborhood.