Mrs. Pryor – My Neighborhood, My Home

 Mrs. Pryor, age 79, has lived in her Westwood home for 17 years. She originally moved to Dayton at the age of 11 with her family. Her father was in the service. Her current Westwood home is important to Mrs. Pryor because it is where her parents lived before their passing.


     She has kept herself busy throughout the 17 years by taking part in bowling tournaments. Now that Mrs. Pryor is advancing in age, the Wesley Community Center‘s transportation programs for seniors help keep Mrs. Pryor active. Knowing she can make the necessary doctor appointments, grocery store visits, and more, makes her hopeful for the future of Westwood. Living in her home also allows Mrs. Pryor to host her grandchildren for cards. In fact, Mrs. Pryor’s fondest memories of her home involve Christmas and Thanksgiving with her children and grandchildren.


     Although it can be hard to pay her bills, Mrs. Pryor views her home in Westwood as providing her with the opportunity to stay with her family and to make countless more memories for years to come.