National Rebuilding Month 2017

As we work to revitalize Dayton communities, we also work hard to provide a positive volunteer experience for our sponsors, volunteers, and community partners. Be a part of a lasting impression and life-changing experience for you and the families and individuals we serve. Each Saturday in April we will be working to make the Westwood neighborhood safer and healthier, and we need your help to do it.


You can download the Flyer Here: NRM Flyer

We are also looking for individuals to volunteer at Project Site Coordinators. Learn more about this role here – Project Site Coordinator Job Description

Group Project Site
Barge Wagner 3730 Delphos
Bill Brosenne Bankers Group 3730 Delphos
Booz Allen Hamilton 221 Anna
Carroll High School 834 Bedford
CFMA 3730 Delphos
CityWide 130 Gramont
DABR 812 Clarkson
Dayton Police 908 Kammer
DMAX 3730 Delphos
DMBA 812 Clarkson
DP&L 953 Huron
Dudes of Dayton 3730 Delphos
Fairhaven Chruch 561 Shoop
FBC 953 Huron
GDREIA 812 Gramont
Honda 612 Shoop
Job Corps 3730 Delphos
Living Beatitudes 650 Crestmore
Mary Beach’s Team 3rdKammer
Normandy 953 Huron
Open Bible 745 Clarkson
RTA 17 N. Upland
Shiloh Church 180 Shoop
St. Andrews 745 Clarkson
St. Christopher 821 Clarkson
Stillwater 7th Day Adventist 821 Clarkson
Sugar Creek Packing 908 Kammer
TSTO 834 Bedford
UD Football 130 Gramont
Union Savings Bank 561 Shoop
Warped Wing 3730 Delphos

*If you are unsure of where to go you can go to the Wesley Center,3730 Delphos Ave, 45417 and we can direct you to where you need to be.