Take the Pledge to Rebuild

Below you will find out #Pledge2Rebuild. Please consider taking this pledge and helping us create safe and healthy homes for Dayton’s low-income senior homeowner population.


I understand that a home has a large impact on the health of its residents.

I understand that many seniors find it difficult to maintain their home and as a result are at high risk of health and safety issues.

I understand that safe and healthy homes equal stable communities.

I understand that many of Dayton’s neighborhoods need assistance in stabilizing their communities.

I recognize that Rebuilding Together Dayton (RTD) is committed to being a partner in stabilizing local communities.

I recognize that RTD is making strides to make homes safe and healthy.

I recognize that RTD is working diligently to protect the low-income senior population in the Dayton area.

I recognize that RTD is helping to create homes that positively impact its residents.

I pledge to spread this message to my friends, family, and neighbors—so they, too, can understand, appreciate and join in their pursuit of a safe and healthy home for every person.

You can make your #Pledge2Rebuild official by taking this quick survey.