Mrs. Saccus and Wells Fargo make her home safer and healthier.

About Mrs. Saccus

In 1956, at the age of seven, Mrs. Saccus moved to Dayton with her parents and some of her nine siblings. Like most of the longtime residents of Westwood, her family moved to Dayton for better job opportunities. As a child, she has very fond memories of her neighborhood. It was family oriented, where everyone knew each other. She can remember walking a couple of blocks to her school and along the way, her friends and neighbors would join her.
Mrs. Saccus has spent most of her life on and off in Dayton. After marrying her husband, who was serving in the Army, they were assigned to multiple places over the time of their marriage. While she was stationed in Germany and Georgia, with her two children, she opened and ran a childcare facility. In the early 2000’s she moved back to Dayton to help take care of her mother. She moved back to her childhood home and a neighborhood that had changed over time. Today, even though the neighborhood isn’t as great as it was when she was a kid, Westwood will always be her home.
She has continued to live in the home after her mother passed away. Two of her brothers have moved into the homes beside and behind her. Her “Military Wall” is a part of her home that brings her the most joy. It showcases the 20+ members of her family that have served on active duty in the Armed Forces. She enjoys spending time in and around her home, ensuring that it is well maintained. She does the best she can but as the home ages, it becomes more difficult. She wants to stay in her home as long as possible so that she can continue to live safely in a house that she has called home for over 40 years.

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