Seasonal Safe@Home

Seasonal Safe@Home is focused on:

  • seasonal-based repairs
  • volunteer and homeowner education
  • additional volunteer opportunities.

Each season has a specific initiative that drives the four focus areas. In the winter our attention is on fire safety and falls prevention; in the spring we concentrate our efforts on healthy homes and energy efficiency; in the summer we focus on exterior maintenance; in autumn our initiative is keeping our homeowners warm through our annual partnership with local HVAC technicians for our Heat the Town event.


Our rebuild projects are on an as needed basis. We work with each volunteer group to determine what kind of project they can tackle, when they are available and the schedule of the project day that will be the best fit for the group and ourselves. If you are interested in finding out more information about our Group Rebuild Projects, just fill out our information form.


We work hard to ensure the safety of our volunteers. If you have plans to attend one of our projects please read our post on project day tips.