Veterans Housing

Serving Those Who Have Served

We are dedicated to helping local veterans have a home that is safe and healthy. We have partnered with corporations looking to give back to veterans or their widowed spouse for many years. We are very grateful for these partnerships. Learn more about our veteran rebuild projects below.

Heroes at Home

American military veterans and their families face a range of housing challenges. Many stem from disabilities related to their service. Through a partnership with Sears, we are able to assist veterans in having a safe and healthy home. If you would like to assist in our efforts please visit our Donation Page.

The need is great. For veterans returning from service in the Global War on Terror with severe injuries such as amputation or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), readjustment and reintegration into their families and communities can be difficult. To read more about our partnership with Sears and our dedication to veteran housing visit our national website >> Here