Focus Areas

All of our work falls into one or more of our focus areas: Safe and Healthy Housing, Youth & Corporate Engagement, Community Revitalization and Veteran Housing. Each focus area has a specific goal that we are looking to achieve.

Safe & Healthy Housing

A Safe and Healthy Home for Every Person
We use the Seven Principles of Healthy Housing to guide us in our efforts to best impact our homeowners. We work hard to create homes that are Dry, Clean, Pest-Free, Safe, Contaminant-Free, Ventilated and Maintained.

Community Revitalization

More Than Just a Home
We understand the importance of community for our homeowners. This is why we feel that it is just as important to assist local community centers where our homeowners spend their days as it is to assist in creating a safe and healthy home.

Youth & Corporate Engagement

Making a Difference in Our Community
We actively engage nearly 1,000 volunteers each year. They come from different walks of life, organizations, and generations. We work hard to ensure groups have an opportunity to create an impact for their neighbors.

Veteran Housing

We are dedicated to helping local veterans have a home that is safe and healthy. Our partnerships with corporations looking to give back to veterans or their widowed spouse.

Mission: Building community partnerships and providing home rehabilitation for low-income Dayton area homeowners, particularly the elderly, so they may live in warmth, safety and independence.